With the advancement of internet penetration, E-commerce is one of the highest growing industry in the world as of now, Success of Flipkart and Paytm has shown that even indigenous ideas and platforms can function and prosper in India. E-commerce is a very competitive field because your rival brand is no more than a click away. If your site does not meet the requirements, the customer simply looks for another e-commerce site to buy products from. If you want to attract customer attention, you want to make sure that your website is as usable and as customer-friendly as possible. It doesn’t matter if your prices are low or because if customers get confused navigating your website, reaching a pre-set target will likely be difficult. As an e-commerce site, you don’t need to know all their details. An email address and a password are all you need. Make these call-to-action buttons stand out. What if you go about allowing guest users to checkout products without the need to register, dealing with sign up later, to make the next purchase on your site easier.

When placing orders, customers must know where they stand in their purchase process – how many steps have they accomplished, and how many more to go. Customers will easily get bored and think your shopping procedures take forever, making them more likely to abandon their purchases.

Unexplained costs, would lead customers to abandon their purchase, and even worse, their trust in your site will be broken.

CDMC Edge: With trainers from the Industry we have an expertise in helping you build an E-commerce Platform right from ideation to execution to Payment Gateway.

Who can join: If you have an Idea and want to start your own business this course is what you need, no technical qualification required for this course, just some common sense and your zeal to succeed!!

Job Prospects

  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • E-commerce Brand Manager