Google Adwords


Google Ad Words is a skill that every digital marketing person needs to know about in depth. It is for this reason that Google offers a provision of official recognition to the professionals or people who display proper efficiency in AdWords. Now this professional certification is offered to the persons having certain skills and capabilities in various, whether it is basic or advanced, facets of AdWords. Now to acquire this certification Google conducts an exam and recognizes appearing as professionals in the field of online advertisement. This is what finally makes you an AdWords Qualified Individual.

The exam consists of 100 questions which are required to be solved in one and a half hours. The minimum percentage marks required to pass this examination is 75 %. Hence this is the format in which this exam is conducted.

The primary advantage of clearing this exam is that you are honoured with an insignia like this:

Not only does it offer you a badge which adds an enormous amount of weight age to your profile, but it also provides you with a page with your professional position. This page is being hosted on Google and along with that your status goes through verification as well by Google itself, and you can even link to it.