Google Analytics


Google Analytics has been the most desired tool when it comes to online marketing and advertisement. Not only does the number of websites using Google Analytics have surpassed the count of 25 million, the rate at which it is increasing is phenomenal. And these websites are no ordinary ones. The owners of the websites using Google Analytics include at least 63% of the Fortune 500 Companies. So undoubtedly, many companies will have a requirement of skilled website analysts to handle their websites. They would also need data processing people to manage such a huge amount of data.

In fact, the skill to use Google Analytics efficiently is one of the most sought after proficiencies; a company looks for in the candidates. However, ironically, this is also one of the most scarcely available skills found in them. So, anyone who wants to be the employee of the month and the reason for being on the priority list of employers, time to hit the iron while its hot. Opportunities like this, camouflaged as obstacles, don’t appear often. Apply and acquire a Google Analytics Individual Qualification. It doesn’t matter whether you are a web administrator, a digital marketing person, a social media executive or an entrepreneur, this certification course will be a lucrative step in your career and a big favour to your company.

Irrespective of the fact whether you have given the certification examination before and couldn’t make or you are taking the first step in faith that you will make it, CMDC can assist you and ascertain that you achieve your ambitions. Even if you are just here to upgrade your knowledge and skills, there is one thing that you can be sure of and that is with CMDC you will always have an experience which will not only enhance your proficiency but also help you gain some of the insights you missed during your last curriculum.