Hubspot Certification



Once the certification for Inbound is being earned and you begin to apply your knowledge, you might want to take a step further in this academic and logical road and register for HubSpot Marketing Software.

As far as being a customer is concerned, you do qualify for this HubSpot Certification.

This course basically consists of 17 preparatory instruction lessons. Each of these lessons has 2 to 3 videos the duration of which may vary from a few minutes to as long as half an hour. With each lesson, you also get an optional but advantageous provision for live labs.

The course is basically divided into two parts. The first part consists of a test with multiple choice questions and a certain time limit. This has a lot of resemblance with Inbound Certification, though the difficulty level is a bit higher in this one. After that there is a workshop in which you must complete at least 11 tasks amongst 17 in the portal you’re working with. These tasks can be as simple as “add keywords” or “add competitors”.

One of the primary requirements of this workshop is that you should have either of the two tasks completed successfully. The first one is to have posted at least 10 blogs in 45 days. Or you could go with the second one where you are required device a landing page which must have at least 100 views and 20% submission rate.

Once you pass the tests, you get a badge or a frame which can be hanged anywhere in your office. This would also display your seriousness towards Inbound Marketing.