Email Marketing Course In Mumbai

E-mail Marketing

Whether you have a pre-existing list of subscribers or if you are looking to generate one, email marketing should be a priority for your marketing strategy. Email marketing is the best ways to grow your business.  Email marketing is effective way to engage the buying decisions of the customer, ultimately driving sales for the firm it’s a powerful option that is trusted and applied, personal and offers an excellent return on investment. Around 80% of the online audience made a purchase after reading an email message, compared to only 15% of online customers making a purchase after reading an SMS message. The number of users opening email messages through their smartphone has gone up considerably in the last one year, Research shows that an average of 74% of users delete an email if the email is not customized for a mobile phone. Impressively, 9% of companies are directly attributing more than half of their total revenue to newsletters. Making sure that your email communications are personalized, optimized and well-planned as mobile goes a long way in ensuring the maximum number of eyes viewing your marketing message.